Customer Relationship Management popularly known as CRM, is a software that helps business companies in knowing about the needs and demands of their customers. The main aim behind the use of CRM is to connect the business companies with their both potential and current customers. Thereby increasing and maintaining the relations between them and their customers. 

The use of CRM software by business companies are increasing tremendously. The major fact behind this is that all types of companies can use it in their business whether small, mid or large scale. Small scale business are more beneficial as they tend to find ways of making more by using less. CRM is a technology which helps in managing sales, contact management, productivity in sales and much more. It stresses on the organization’s relations with its customers, workers, suppliers, service users. Moreover it also helps in finding new customers by assuring additional services throughout their lifecycle with them. 

A CRM system drives success in a business by managing interactions and relations through sales, customer service, recruitments, development in business, marketing and so on. It helps by gathering information about customers at one central location which makes it more handy and comfortable in use. 

Here are the benefits of using a CRM  software:

  1. It has great extent of visibility.
  2. It provides easy access to data.
  3. It is easier in collaborating.
  4. It helps in increasing the productivity of business companies.

Gartner predicted that by 2021, CRM will be the single largest revenue area of spending in enterprise software. CRM companies of USA are marked with growth and productivity throughout the world. Most of the CRM companies associate themselves for best performance in the market while some tends to focus on the niche market. There is growth in ranking of CRM system due to development in both their companies and their products. It is not necessary that prominent CRM companies in USA are homely grown, they can be foreign entities which might earning fame in the USA. 

There are numbers of CRM Companies which abounds in USA. It gives best results when used with marketing automation software. The list of successful CRM companies of USA are:

  1. HUBSPOT CRM: It is the leading software company in USA from app developer Hubspot. The fact behind its fame is of it being absolutely free. This software is highly flexible which can be used as early as the installation is finished and moreover it does not require any workers for making change in their workflow.  The system is easy in use, flexible and suitable for both small and large business. 
  1. FRESHSALES: It is also one of the leading software app from app developer Freshworks. It helps in tracking contacts. Freshsales is basically a single contact management solution which helps users in handling the leads by offering the intuitive interface.  It can be used free for a short period to recognise if it matches your needs. 
  2. SALESFORCE CRM:Salesforce is equally famous. This was developed as part of Salesforce’s sales and marketing systems. Salesforce allows it users to keep track of all customer’s data and interactions at a single location. It gives you a free trial where you can check its features at no cost. It is available in different price labels and the starting cost is $25 a month per user. 
  3. PIPEDRIVE: It is a powerful tool which helps companies in managing their leads. The best part is it’s easy installation. It can manage companies sales pipeline too. The starting price available is $15 per user a month.  
  4. ZOHO CRM: It is designed for  helping users to grow their businesses by attracting, satisfying and retaining their customers. The system dashboard can be customised to make it look more business related. Though they are designed for managing leads and contacts, they can manage sales pipeline also. 
  5. amoCRM: It is designed for helping small business teams. It works by making leads out of first time contacts and convert them into paying customers. It monitors sales performance, boost revenue, track sales progress and maximizes sales efforts. It is available in three pricing plans. The starting pack is $15 a month per user. For knowing its feature a free trial can also be done.